Metalworking CNC Tooling

T-Tool provides a variety of metalworking CNC tool holders and accessories. Our focus is mainly on the HSK type high speed tooling and we provide HSK A, HSK C, and HSK E in various sizes, including our “SuperSpeed” extended chucks with ER16, ER32, and OZ25 collet ranges.

We also offer static vdi tooling and a special range of cnc grinding wheel holders for cutter grinder cnc machinery. Please contact us for your specific application or questions. Below you will find our current catalog selections;

Download our current Metalworking Tools Catalog  PDF Catalog

T-Tool Metal Catalog

Download our current Grinding Wheel Holder Catalog PDF Catalog

T-Tool Grinding Wheel Catalog

Download our current VDI 30/40 Tool Holder Catalog PDF Catalog

Download our current HSK-40A Tool Holder Catalog PDF Catalog

Download our current HSK-63A Product Flyer PDF Flyer

Download our current Spare Parts Catalog PDF Catalog

T-Tool Spare Parts Catalog