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“SuperSpeed” CNC Tooling

T-Tool has developed a special line of extended length CNC tool holders utilizing our unique Zeta collet nut systems for maximum clamping performance. The “SuperSpeed” tool holders are available in various lengths for your particular application in both HSK-63A and HSK-63F tapers. The slim line designs allow for better reach where maximum tool contact is needed. These extended tool holders are also available with our unique compact collet nut, see details in our “SuperSpeed” Tooling catalog. If you have a 5 axis router we have the solutions for you to increase performance! A must have for stair manufacturers and where additional tool reach is needed and spindle clearances are minimal.

  • Download our current HSK-63F/E “SuperSpeed” Tooling Catalog   PDF Catalog
  • Download our NEW HSK-63A/E “SuperSpeed” Tooling Catalog   PDF Catalog

short-chuck-kurz hsk-shortchuck-er32HSK63F-ER16-A150HSK63F-ER32-A180hsk-shortchuck-er16HSK-63F SYOZ25 High Speed Chuck

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