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Zeta Woodline Nuts

Great Advantages:
– All Zeta Woodline collet nuts are coated
with a brand new power-coating surface
which gives a great benefit of low
friction and high torque clamping. 60%
more clamping power than most other
collet nut systems.
– No coating dust in the collet slots like
most other power coated collet nut
– 100% corrosion sealed surface.
– Perfectly balanced nuts.
– High performance ergonomic design.
– Low turbulence due to unique design.
– 100% compatible for any brand toolholder,
upgrade your current toolholders.

The New Zeta Woodline collet clamping system offers an optimized clamping situation for all variations of routerbits and cutterheads. If you have zero-tolerance between the top of the collet nut and the bottom of the cutterhead, this system is a must!
The smart engineering of the Zeta Woodline profile gives the operator a secure and safe option to mount tooling from any position.
The nut also allows for use of torque wrench adapters.

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